The ultimate beginner’s guide to scuba diving

So, you’re interested in scuba diving? Fantastic, we couldn’t recommend it more!

First things, first – it doesn’t really matter if you can or can’t swim, what matters is, do you want to be under the sea!?

Scuba diving is for everyone and anyone that is fit enough to lift a tank and intuitive enough to remember to breathe. The extent to which you progress with your diving skills is up to you, but during an open water course you’ll learn all the

The Giant Red Tingle Tree

So often when travelling, we find ourselves in a place or situation so unique and humbling that it feels impossible to capture it in a mere photograph or video. But we try nonetheless! 

The ultimate beginner’s guide to snorkelling

So, you’ve booked your holiday of a lifetime, there’s beautiful beaches, clear waters and perhaps even a reef – this is the perfect time to grab your snorkelling gear and go exploring! But you’ve never snorkelled before…

Why you need to swim with Sea Lions

As the boat neared the mooring point, their relaxed state shifted to a state of excitement… The humans are coming!!! Enthusiastic little whiskered faces peered up towards the boat and one by one the sea lions shuffled themselves into the water.

What you don’t know and no one tells you about travelling…

So here’s the thing, everyone tells you to go travelling but what nobody tells you is the bit after the ‘happily ever after’ – The blunt ending that struts in straight afterwards to castrate it all. All those perception-altering, mind-blowing experiences. The heart-achingly beautiful sense of natural freedom you had as you struggled through communication and cultural barriers. That feeling of our oneness as a human race that thrives in you as you tried desperately to break those barriers down. The realisation that, in many situations there are people who are genuinely ready to help you.