Modern Indonesian Phinisi Style Liveaboard: Akora

Do you want to know the best way to dive Raja Ampat… Choose liveaboard life!

We were asked to come aboard the new Akora liveaboard which sails the waters of Raja Ampat over a ten day liveaboard trip, departing from Waisai the main town and harbour on the island of Waeigo, one of the four mainlands that make up the region of Raja Ampat.

The vessel and its eight guests (max) hit the high seas to dive and explore the waters as far as Misool, the most southerly of the Raja Ampat, translated; Four Kings islands. For the number of guests it’s a beautifully spacious and wonderfully open designed liveaboard and one we would love to take an exploration trip on.

The fact that it is a new build means that the owners have taken the initiative to design it as a silent liveaboard, which means it’s running on solar power rather than generators for its main electricity. This detail is a god send, as if you have ever been near a generator you will know just how noisy they can be, let alone trying to grab some kip with one running on a boat.

(Though we would argue that after four dives in a day there’s not much that can keep your eyes open bar some toothpicks. )

Proud of the newest addition to their liveaborad fleet, they asked us to jump on-board and take a few snaps for them. We think it’s beautiful with a wonderful focus on authentic cultural design and spacious living – take a look and let us know what you think!

What do you think of taking to the seas on a pirate ship for ten nights, is this your style of diving?


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